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Feeding FUNdamentals strives to provide professional development and consultation services for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit staff (nursing, therapy) as well as Early Intervention staff.



  • Does Feeding FUNdamentals provide consultation on-site for hospitals, clinics?

Yes! Dr. Ross is frequently asked to visit hospital systems and consult with nursing and therapy administration and staff. She has supported training efforts to shift from task-oriented to individualized feeding practice in several states.

  • Can Feeding FUNdamentals help me set up research projects for my own research?

Yes! Dr. Ross’ doctoral training prepared her for developing clinical research projects across a variety of settings. She can assist in preparing grant applications, developing research questions, collecting and analyzing data, and in supporting manuscript preparation and submission.

  • Does Feeding FUNdamentals provide direct services to infants and families?

On occasion Dr. Ross will see individual families. However, typically services will be provided in consultation with the therapist currently working with the individual family so that everyone involved is supported in continued growth and development.

  • Does Dr. Ross have any personal experience with special needs/special education?

Dr. Ross is the parent of a child with special health care needs, and sits on the Colorado Department of Education Special Education Advisory Committee. She brings a personal perspective to her work in support of family and infant development.

  • Does Feeding FUNdamentals provide training in the SOS Approach to Feeding?

While Dr. Ross continues to collaborate with Dr. Toomey on the assessment and training of the SOS Approach to Feeding, Feeding FUNdamentals does not provide training in the SOS Approach to Feeding. Dr. Ross teaches with Dr. Toomey, but all SOS Approach to Feeding inquiries need to be directed to Dr. Toomey.

Feeding FUNdamentals is based in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Professional Development and Consultation services are provided on-site at the hosting center.


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